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Sticks Skills Training Mission Statement

Student Athletes today are very much in need of coaches and skills trainers who will live up to what they are advertising. Moreover, they are in need of professionals who will build upon their foundations by cultivating skills and the practical application of skills through experience. 

Coach Sean Smith Bio

Over the past decade Sean “Sticks” Smith has placed his coaching and training prowess on display at a high level.

-7 years NCAA D-I coaching experience 
 *University of Maine *Rider University 
 *St. Francis College (Brooklyn)

Regarded as one of the nation’s elite skills trainers Sticks was responsible for the cultivation of Robin Perkins as  Rider University’s first ever conference player of the year in 2017. 

Simultaneously occupying roles as a coach, trainer and advanced scout, Sticks possesses a  basketball acumen of a unique caliber.

Sticks Skills Training
Coach Sean “Sticks” Smith

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