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College Recruiting help

Sean “Sticks” Smith is renowned as one of the nation’s elite skills trainers, his passion to assist others in realizing their dreams and achieving their goals has always been Sticks’ most perceptible attribute. 

A seven year stint as an NCAA Division I assistant coach and a member of the Women’s Basketball Coaching Association has allowed Sticks to amass a viable network of coaching friends to which he can promote players.

In addition to having a large network of coaching colleagues, Sticks serves as the National Director of Player Development for Peach State Basketball, the leader for women’s basketball player rankings, recruiting news and evaluations. Along with his ties to Peach State, Sticks is also a member of the Prospects Nation family.

Ultimately training with Sticks enables players to effectively enhance their skills while simultaneously gaining premium exposure. The amalgamation of the two makes Sticks Skills Training a one-stop shop.

Chris Hansen (L) of Prospects Nation and Brandon Clay (R) of Peach State Basketball with Coach Sean ‘Sticks’ Smith.

Sticks Skills Training
Coach Sean “Sticks” Smith

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