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Attention to detail

Those who have attended a Sticks Skills Training camp or clinic can attest one of the major tenets from start to finish is attention to detail. When it comes to the concept “attention to detail” there aren’t many young players who are as astute as 2026 PG Tiyara Gonzalez. 

Gonzalez, a habitué at Sticks Skills Training events is a player I’ve watched closely over the past 2 years and her attention to detail is easily her most distinguishing attribute. While something as simple as paying attention is far from a novel concept, this Team Providence standout soaks up information like a sponge and immediately applies it to games situations with steady continuity. This concept alone is one of the reasons she continues to emerge as one of the more idiosyncratic talents New England has to offer in her age group.   

Tiyara spent time at a recent camp taking pointers from 4-time all American Athletic Conference performer Alliya Butts. If there is any information available that will help Tiyara enhance her craft she seeks it. Her approach to the game will be one of many reasons Team Providence will be a program to watch in the near future. 

– Sean “Sticks” Smith


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