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As the game of basketball evolves, so too does the expectations of players at each distinctive position. Over the course of the last 20 years the game has been revolutionized by 3 different positions. Although point guards typically run the show, Scottie Pippen brought prominence to the small forward position by demonstrating the ability to provide relief to the point guard and facilitate the offense. The byproduct of this phenomenon resulted in every team finding it necessary to acquire what is now deemed a “Point Forward” 

Fast forward a few years, power forward Dirk Nowitzki and on the women’s side, players like Breanna Stewart, with their refined skill set can be credited for bringing about the inception of the position known as the stretch four. 

The latest trend is the reemergence of the center to prominence, however not the back to the basket centers we are accustom to seeing. Though the traditional back to the basket, post oriented center is not completely obsolete, we are beginning to see the center slowly become a more perimeter oriented, highly ball skilled caliber player. 

2026 -Post- Skylar Bolden of New Castle, Delaware appears be one of the youth in line to usher in this new style of center.


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