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Recap: Young Guns Training Academy

SticksSkillsTraining made one final stop in Newton, MA this past Friday. Eight Programs in New England sent representatives from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island to the Charles E Brown Middle School for the Young Guns Training Academy.

Basketball clinics such as this are vital to the growth and development of middle schoolers and underclassmen seeking to enhance their understanding of the game.

In erstwhile times, basketball camps and clinics were predicated on an opportunity to learn the game while competing against elite prospects from various places. The current landscape has seen a shift in which camps and clinics by and large have become nothing more than a forum to create content for highlights videos. Since the game of basketball was invited in Massachusetts, it was only right to take it back to the essence with this camp. Naturally the young guns on hand were more than up for the challenge.

When it comes down to the Class of 2027 Gabby Middleton and Alannah Morantus sit perched at the top of the food chain. On this particular night a newcomer from Vacationland has emerged on the scene in Jordan Crump.

Gabby Middleton 2027– revealed the strength and ball skills of a rising senior. Her shot making ability from beyond the arc Has been outstanding all year. (Bay State Jags)

Alannah Morantus –2027-standing a legit 5’10 was also dialed in from deep. Morantus showcased her ability to score of the ball at all three levels consistently during the live scrimmage. (Exodus-New England)

The Maine Firecrackers program has quietly been one of New England’s hidden gems (dating back to Class of 2014 standout Allie Clement). 2027 – Jordyn Crump could potentially make it difficult for them to remain hidden for long. Coach Davids has done a great job accumulating a nice crop of young talent. Crump is highly skilled and has a great feel for the game.


Elin Fitzgerald- 2027 – is another 5’10 G/F that provides the inside/outside punch that makes her a tough matchup. Fitzgerald can score and defend on the post and perimeter (Bay State Jags)

Emma Kelleher – 2027- has an extremely high basketball acumen coupled with a well polished skill set.. she’ll only evolve surrounded by the abundance of talent in the Lady Rivals AAU program

Saige Dejesus -2028 – As stated before finding those diamonds in the rough is a reoccurring theme that never gets old at a SticksSkillsTraining event. Dejesus displayed an arsenal of skills and will definitely be one to keep an eye on over the next 18months. Ironically she is a member of an up coming program from Massachusetts dubbed “Arsenal”


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