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Recap: Spotlight workout Session I

November 6, 2022

SticksSkillsTraining will host a series of INVITE-ONLY workouts throughout the 2022-23 high school season, reserved for a dozen of New England’s premier high school prospects. Nasi Simmons, Cam Collins and Ava Egan lead the charge in Session I this past weekend in Boston.

2024 Nasi Simmons in theory, should be this year’s headliner for a Nobles girls bball program with a rich history for producing phenoms. Over the past six months she has been working sedulously to improve her jump shot. Being one of the top guards in the class of 2024 is just the tip of the iceberg. Nasi is one of the nations best students and holds scholarship offers from just about every Ivy and Patriot league school. As the consistency in her jumpshot progresses look for that list to expand.

A duo of Bay State Jag representatives Camryn Collins’24 and Ava Egan’26 also shined in this one-hours skill session.

2024 Camryn Collins is a prospect I have been following closely over the past 15 months. The power and explosiveness she exhibited during the spotlight workout was remarkable. What I found to be more impressive was the manner in which she was able to quickly rid herself of bad habits and incorporate the proper mechanics almost instantly. Training habits of that ilk will bode well for her going forward.

2026 Ava Egan is someone I consider to be one of New England most improved prospects regardless of class. Egan has demonstrated an uncanny ability to stretch the floor with her range. She checked into the spotlight workout looking to improve her foot work and ability to create her own shot. As she progresses in this area look for her to emerge on the grassroots scene.

Spotlight Session II on Dec. 4th should be a doozy!! Stay tuned …

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